Why Dual Rack? 

Dual Rack is made by solar professionals for solar professionals. With nationwide availability,
affordable price points, and simple installation methods, the Dual Rack line of solar PV mounting systems is a reliable resource for you and your team.

Quality Mounting & Racking Systems

Dual Rack PV Mounting Systems is an industry leader in 100% code-compliant, watertight solar roof racking solutions. Your company can count on one source for turnkey mounting kits while saving time with our easy installation engineering, which reduces labor cost.   Request Sample


Design a Solar Project & Calculate a Dual Rack Bill Of Materials

Design and calculate material with our satellite-based map view to lay out arrays on pitched roofs, flat roofs, or ground mount projects.

Installer Testimonials

Amir Z

Gary C

Kahri B

The Dual Rack grounding and bonding lug is efficient and the clamps are easy to install. The biggest plus is the price on large projects can create quite a margin.

Dual Rack is my preferred solar install mounting system because I like the option of attaching it with an L-foot or top down style, depending on the project. It’s also quick and easy to install.

The things I look for in my solar mounting hardware are quality design, ease of installation, and quick access to material at a low price point. Dual Rack offers all of these, so I use it. Plain and simple.

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