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Lower operating costs - Use Dual Rack for solar mount

PV mounting for commercial roof or ground mount applications is diverse.  Dual Rack mounting systems are pre-engineered for custom projects and are designed to achieve maximum power density on most commercial rooftops.                          For projects needing mechanical attachment and high clearances to avoid HVAC equipment Dual Rack solutions can be configured for projects of any size. Dual Rack rails are engineered for six foot spans and can be used with L-feet or direct rail to stand-off. Fixed tilt kits are also available for small to large ground mount applications.                                  Use Dual Rack mounting systems for ground mounts, conventional tile, comp or metal roofs as well as low slope applications.

Our mounting rails have been tested on megawatts of real-world

residential and commercial installations. 

Churches- Great for Solar! Solar for your business, school, or government facility can mean free energy and a new revenue stream while protecting you against rising and unstable energy costs. Why not consider installing solar on your churches roof? There are major advantages to installing solar, especially when you need a solid return on your investment. The economics of PV have become so attractive that many of the best managed corporations, which are synonymous with low cost and efficiency, are adopting solar energy on a massive scale across the U.S.
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