Make way for Dual Rack

After many hours of interviews with solar contractors and much research and analysis, A new customizable racking system called Dual Rack, with channel feature was developed. We have come up with an advantageous solution for solar professionals that will save time and money on solar installations large and small.
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Adaptable Dual Rack Technology

Dual Rack can be installed in two ways. Installers can either use a top down attachment style or an L-foot style, depending on design and budget constraints. The advanced design means fewer parts, leading to a less expensive and faster install than most products in the market. The design is pre-approved with a Professional Engineer seal. Simple advanced design requires no training. DualRack is a robust, long-life photovoltaic (PV) module mounting system for pitched roofs. It consists of aluminum rails, roof attachments and all necessary parts to ensure a safe installation. Dual Rack allows modules to be mounted in both landscape and portrait orientation.
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To purchase Dual Rack... You can buy from our distribuotrs: FortuneEnergy.net